HR Power Hour

Let’s agree! There is no shortage of human resource and compliance information on the web, in bookstores, and at the other end of an 800 number. The Problem is…You may be too overwhelmed with information to determine how, or if, it all applies to your organization. Does that person at the end of the 800 number really know you or your organization’s unique structure and culture? Are you getting canned answers?


Your one-on-one consult with HR Advocate will quickly determine your organization’s

  1. Structure and industry profile
  2. Employment practices risk exposure
  3. Health of employee relations and communications
  4. Alignment of HR practices with organizational goals, objectives, strategies and tactics (GOST)

The HR Power Hour leads to a full circle of HR knowledge and expertise – providing you with your own HR Advocate to partner with. Together we can develop a powerful personalized HR action plan to boost your organizational performance and reduce risk with proven methods.

Contact HR Advocate to set up your own HR Power Hour today.

HR Power Hour Steps

1st - Your Organizational Profile
2nd - HR Practices Risk Appraisal
3rd - Employee Relations Appraisal
4th - HR Alignment Appraisal
You've Got an HR Strategic Plan!