HR Services

HR Advocate provides expert advice while getting to know clients and diagnosing their trouble spots.  HR Advocate identifies gaps in compliance and performance, and helps clients successfully implement solutions.

HR Advocate  offers the following programs to small-and medium-sized companies:

  • HR Help Desk’s Personalized Support
  • HR & Employment Practices Compliance Audits
  • Employee Handbooks
  • HR and Benefits Resource Library
  • Live and Recorded HR and Benefits Webinars
  • HR Training Videos
  • Email Alerts and Monthly Newsletters
  • Management Compliance Training

With these tailored HR consulting services, HR Advocate guides employers through the complexities of employment regulations, while helping them meet the needs of their employees—their most crucial asset, and greatest expense. HR Advocate uses the information gathered during the HR Power Hour to work together with employers to develop a personalized HR action plan, one that will not only enhance organizational performance, but also reduce the risk of employee relations volatility. The HR Help Desk provides a lifeline to employers, where they receive customized answers to any of their HR questions. A well-crafted and thorough Employee Handbook is a critical, foundational document to your organization and HR Advocate specializes in creating them in a compliant and reader friendly way. Management Compliance Training provides employers and managers with comprehensive, applicable training programs targeted to enhance workplace culture and goals.